Picking A Wedding Venue

One of the biggest decisions you make with your wedding planning is picking your venue!

It takes a lot of time to go round to different venues that you both like to see how they look and what they can offer you for your special day.

Usually, a large amount of your budget will go to your venue as this will sometimes include the food, drinks, DJ etc so it’s important you find somewhere that covers all the things that you want.

We hear so many couples finding it difficult picking that perfect venue!

This is why we’ve asked those that have already decided on theirs what they looked for in their venue and what they found to be important when making that big decision.

Most of our lovely couples had the same reasons and the ones that came top of the list were –

Price – Everyone has some kind of price in mind that they would like to pay so the budget was mentioned the most! Also, lots of our brides and grooms said what was included in the price was also important such as food, chair covers etc

Location – Is your venue easy to get to for yourself on your wedding day? Think about the cost of cars for yourself and also will your guests be able to get there easy enough?
Will you want a hotel so your guests can stay over?

Photos – Next up is somewhere nice to take photos. Lots of couples look inside a venue and see what the rooms are like but don’t think to see if there is anywhere suitable to take photos outside if the weather is good.

Venue Size – It’s great if you find that perfect venue that you’ve always dreamt of but if you have 500 people on your guest list and your venue holds 100 then something needs to change! Either the venue or your guest list.

Promotion – We all love a bargain! If you’re not set on one venue then look around and see if there are any good deals to be had. This is perfect if you don’t mind what time of year your wedding is or if your wedding is on a weekday.

Decoration – Take a good look around inside as lots of our couples said decoration was important to them. It might be that you’re happy to get a venue dresser in any way but if you’re not and don’t want to spend out on this then check the inside carefully.

Hidden Costs – Are there any costs that you might not have thought about? Ask the venue that you’re visiting if there are any extras that you might need to pay out for later on or will the prices change at any time if you’ve booked early.

Feeling! – Do you have a good feeling about the venue you are at? Can you imagine being there on your special day? Do you feel comfortable there?

So before you start to visit venues, sit down together and write down the things that you both want most and think about what is most important on that list.

Is there anything that you would change if you had to on that list?

Could you change numbers, budget or dates etc

Let us know what you want most from your venue! What did you look for if you already have yours booked? You might just help someone else when they look for their perfect venue!

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