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Welcome to our wedding and event planning website! We are excited to be a part of your special day and are here to help make your wedding and event planning process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Based in the St. Helens, Merseyside area, Pretty Wedding Day is here to help you plan and get organised for your wedding or next big event!

Wedding planning Bride and Groom
Wedding planning Bride and Groom holding hands

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We know that planning an event can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming, so we’ve designed our website to provide you with all the information you need in one place. We offer advice, planning ideas, checklists and a variety of tools to help you with the planning process.

Our website has something for everyone and our plan is to ensure that your wedding or special occasion is everything that you want, and we’re committed to helping you achieve just that.

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Wedding planning Bride and Groom

Let’s plan your special day, with our wedding suppliers directory!

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Stay organised with our wedding checklists and manage your budget with our planning guides.


  • Wedding Directory – 5 Reasons To Join!
    Why Do I Need A Wedding Directory? Using a wedding directory for your business can improve your online presence, increase your visibility, and connect you with many customers who are looking for wedding related services! It can be a great affordable marketing tool to grow your wedding business! 1. Affordable Advertising – Compared to some […]
  • Wedding Flowers 5 Ways To Save Money
    Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers If you’re looking at flowers for your wedding day, it may feel like you’re spending a large part of your budget on them. Although they can be quite expensive, you can still have beautiful flowers at your wedding even if you’re trying to cut back on the […]
  • The Best Wedding Gift Lists
    The Best Wedding Gift Lists What Is A Wedding Gift List? This is where the couple that are wedding planning can pick a wedding registry or wedding shop to create a wedding gift list of items that they would like. Friends and family can then browse the gift list before the big day and purchase […]
  • Affordable High Street Wedding Dress Shops
    Find Your High Street Wedding Dress Shop! Find Your High Street Wedding Dress Shop! If you’re looking to save some money when shopping for your wedding dress, you might want to try your local high-street shops. You might be trying to cut back on the wedding budget or maybe you just don’t want to spend […]
  • Wedding Day Timeline
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline You might be wondering how your wedding day will run and starting to think about the timings of everything on the day. We’ve put together a guide to give you an idea about how your day will flow and what your wedding day timeline will look […]
  • Live Streaming Service | Zoom Wedding
    Live Streaming Service | Zoom Wedding Bring The Wedding Or Event to Your Guests So this is a way to allow guests that can’t attend your wedding day to watch from their own location! You can live stream your wedding online to allow family and friends or other guests that can’t be there to still […]
  • 10 Wedding Planning Tips To Do First
    10 Wedding Planning Tips To Do First Congratulations! You’ve got engaged! But what next? It’s such an exciting and happy time for any couple that gets engaged, but you might be thinking what next? You get a manicure! Save money and get planning a day you will both love! We wanted to put together a […]
  • Gifts For Him
    Gifts For Him Gifts For Your Partner, Family Or Friend Are you looking for a gift for your partner, family member or friend? We’ve looked for fun or different gifts that would be ideal for a thank you, birthday or Christmas present! Snakes and Bladdered – Brilliant for a bit of fun if you know […]
  • 5 Of The Best Wedding Favours!
    Why Do We Give Wedding Favours? Wedding favours are usually given as a little gift from the couple to the guests at their wedding to say thank you for being there and sharing the day with them. These will be left at each place setting where the wedding breakfast will be held. We wanted to […]
  • 5 Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs
    5 Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs What Wedding Cake Designs Are There? Most of us are secretly quite pleased when it comes to wedding cake planning! It’s one of the fun parts of planning where you can both show your personalities as a couple! Think bright colours, sparkle, shimmer or floral! You may want to go […]

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