Wedding Flowers 5 Ways To Save Money

woman holding red and white rose bouquet

Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

woman holding red and white rose bouquet
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If you’re looking at flowers for your wedding day, it may feel like you’re spending a large part of your budget on them.

Although they can be quite expensive, you can still have beautiful flowers at your wedding even if you’re trying to cut back on the cost.


1. DIY your flower arrangements. If you think you can put in the time and effort, consider arranging your own flowers or ask the help of creative friends and family members. You can buy flowers from local florists or markets and create your own centerpieces, bouquets, and buttonholes. Look at planning your wedding budget here

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Re-use Flowers

2. Reuse your ceremony flowers for the reception! If you have floral arrangements at the ceremony venue, arrange for them to be transported and reused on the tables at the reception. This way, you can make the most of your flowers and avoid paying for separate arrangements

Shop Around

3. Shop around for the best prices with florists. Get quotes from multiple different florists and compare prices and services. Discuss your budget openly and be honest with your budget. See if they can suggest any other cost-saving alternatives. These people are the experts and will try to help where possible.

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Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers

4. Choose seasonal and locally sourced flowers. Go for flowers that are in season and easy to find where you live. Seasonal flowers can be more affordable as they don’t need extra transportation or special growing conditions. Choose larger blooms if possible. Large flowers, such as hydrangeas or sunflowers, can fill out arrangements and still look amazing.

Pick An Affordable Style Flower

5. Pick flowers that are budget-friendly. Some flowers are generally more budget-friendly than others. Roses and carnations are often more affordable options. Research the prices of different flower types to choose ones that fit within your budget.

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