The Best Wedding Gift Lists

The Best Wedding Gift Lists

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What Is A Wedding Gift List?

This is where the couple that are wedding planning can pick a wedding registry or wedding shop to create a wedding gift list of items that they would like. Friends and family can then browse the gift list before the big day and purchase wedding presents. Guests may find this service helpful as there will usually be a large selection of items to choose from.

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Should We Have A Wedding Gift List?

Do we or don’t we? Every couple will have their own preference about creating a wedding gift list or just leaving the guests to do their own thing. There have been some changes to gift lists over the years and they are much more flexible than they used to be! Guests can choose from a huge range of gifts, part pay for wedding presents, give to a cash fund or honeymoon contributions!

There are lots of positives to having a gift list. It takes the pressure off the guests when they can’t think of what to buy for the big day, especially when a couple already live together. They can just browse the wedding directory for inspiration and it reduces the number of guests buying the same gift as someone else so there is no need to exchange gifts etc

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Advantages Of A Gift List

The couple will receive presents that are needed for their home, maybe if they are just starting out.

Prevents any unwanted or not needed gifts or waste.

Honeymoon gift lists can help the couple have a honeymoon they may not have had if it wasn’t for the list.

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Disadvantages Of A Gift List

If a guest is picking from a list of presents, it takes away the surprise when the gift is given.

The person attending the wedding day may want to pick a present themselves but feel like they shouldn’t.

The guest may feel like they should buy a gift that they cant afford – a list covering different budgets will help with this.

Some couples may decide not to pick a wedding registry as they feel rude asking for certain items.

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Our Best Wedding Gift Lists

If you’re looking for a choice then Prezola is brilliant! Choose from days out, experiences and travel. Guests can pay into a fund towards a honeymoon and activities or even a date night fund! Prezola have another option where guests can give to a charity of your choice, lots of ideas from a huge range here!

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Another popular name that we all know! You create an account, the wedding list, add your favourite items or gift cards to your list and share with friends and family with your own link. Can be shared by email, text or social media. Guests can leave their names and a message for you to see.

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Here you can have gifts, honeymoons, experiences or charity donations. Lots of choices from wonderful brands and retailers and it’s free to use. They will keep track of who bought your gifts, making it easy for you to send your thank you messages later.

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Only you as a couple can decide if you would like to use a gift list or not. It’s a personal decision that you’ll make depending on your own circumstances and what you both would prefer.

If you decide on a gift list, give guests the option to use it but let them know they don’t have to if they’re not a big fan of them. This way there’s no pressure for you or them.

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