5 Of The Best Wedding Favours!

Wedding Favours

Why Do We Give Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are usually given as a little gift from the couple to the guests at their wedding to say thank you for being there and sharing the day with them. These will be left at each place setting where the wedding breakfast will be held. We wanted to share 5 of the best wedding favours with you to help with ideas!

Lots of couples want to give wedding favours to their guests but really can’t decide on what to give to them. Going back a few years, sugar almonds would be given in a little organza bag. These days we’re looking for something different and favours that can be used or kept as a keepsake from the day. Think about your budget and what you can really afford, no one will expect anything over the top or too expensive.

1. Sweets Or Chocolate Wedding Favours

Cute favours can be made with a bag or box of sweets, mints or chocolates. Sweets can be ordered with names and dates printed on them and chocolates can be bought in most shapes such as hearts. This can be a great affordable option.

Sweets or Chocolate Favours

2. Lottery Ticket Or Scratch Card Favours

We think this is definitely one of the best wedding favours! This one is a fun idea for your guests! Imagine if someone won from their ticket or scratch card! This is an affordable option, easy to do and will be used by your excited guests.

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3. Seeds

Lots of businesses will sell these in single packets, ready to use as a wedding favour. They can be given to your guests in a little packet with your names and dates printed on the front. Pick your favourite flower as a couple and let your guests see it grow back each year and remind them of a lovely memory!

4. Charity Pin Favours

Perfect if you have a charity that’s close to your heart. Leave a pin badge for each guest from the charity of your choice. Most charities will sell these at a reasonable price or will ask for a donation. This option will help your charity while also making your guests aware of a charity they haven’t thought about before.

The best way to purchase pin favours would be to check online on their website or phone them direct.

5. Drink Token Wedding Favours

This is another fun wedding favour option that I’m sure your guests will appreciate! May not be as affordable as other options depending on your venue. Tickets can be bought online to leave on the tables for each guest.

Drink wedding favours

So, think about the budget, the theme of your wedding and if your favours can be used and not wasted money. Decide if you just want them for your day guests ( this usually happens) and have fun deciding!

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  1. A friend of mine is getting married this summer, so I would suggest some to her. Thanks for the ideas and tips!

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