5 Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs

5 Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs

What Wedding Cake Designs Are There?

Most of us are secretly quite pleased when it comes to wedding cake planning! It’s one of the fun parts of planning where you can both show your personalities as a couple! Think bright colours, sparkle, shimmer or floral!

You may want to go big with bright colours and lots of tiers with your wedding cake designs? Or maybe a more traditional design, pretty with more neutral colours? At this point, Pinterest will become your best friend!

Traditional wedding cake design

Traditional Wedding Cake

Depending on how many guests you would like to cater for, a large three-tier cake design would be perfect for numbers on the higher side. Most cakes can be made so that the tiers are different flavours or so that you can have a tier that is fruit cake and the rest sponge.

Originally traditional wedding cakes were always three-tier, they would say the bottom tier would be cut up on the day, and the middle tier is to cut for anyone who couldn’t be there. The top tier would be saved ( if it’s fruit cake) for the christening of the first child.

Traditional wedding cake designs are usually neutral colours with some floral or lace designs.

Naked and semi naked wedding cake designs
Photo by Jennifer Murray on Pexels.com

Naked Wedding Cakes

Really popular at the moment is the naked or semi naked cake! This style of cake won’t have any icing or will show the sponge through a light cover of icing, not a thick layer of icing that you usually see on a traditional wedding cake. Really popular for a rustic style or a garden party style wedding.

Modern wedding cake designs
Photo by Sirio on Unsplash

Modern Wedding Cakes

There are so many ways to show off your own style with a modern wedding cake design! Couples can now choose a mix of colours, patterns, glitter, textures and flavours. Marble pattern and metallic style cakes look amazing!

Cupcake wedding cake designs
Wedding cake designs

Wedding Cupcakes

Another popular idea is a tower of cupcakes! This will give you something a bit different and will definitely surprise your guests! Great idea as everyone loves a cupcake and no need to cut it into slices for everyone ( bonus!) If you still want the traditional cutting of the cake, try a small tier wedding cake for the top!

Bright colour wedding cake designs
Wedding Cake Designs

We are loving the bright colour wedding cakes from over the last couple of years! If you don’t want to go traditional with your cake, go bright and bold! Let your cake stand out in the room matching your colours or theme.

When you search for the perfect cake, think about how big you need it to be, how many guests are you having? If you’re cutting it up for everyone at the wedding as a buffet dessert option, it will need to be big enough.

What flavours do you want? There’s no point in a three tier fruit cake if neither of you likes fruit cake. Maybe go for three different sponge flavours so each tier is a different one.

Money Saving

How To Save Money On Wedding Cakes

If your wanting to save some money on the cake or trying to budget, many couples will now hire a fake cake! This will be on display and you will have a separate cake in the kitchen to be cut up for the guests. https://amzn.to/3MA356U

Another option is to have a single tier smaller cake on show and have more to cut in the kitchen. You may be lucky enough to have family or friends that can bake and would like to help? If you buy a cake that’s plain, add your own decorations or cake toppers that can be really reasonable online. Take a look here on Amazon for your cake toppers. https://amzn.to/3CKS6nH

When you start looking for someone who can design your cake for you, see who family and friends recommend. Look at reviews and see what experiences other customers have had. See if you can meet the business owner and maybe try a sample of their work? Use this time to check out past orders and to explain what you would really like for your wedding cake.

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