How To Create Your FREE Amazon Gift List

You may have heard already that you can create your own Amazon Wedding Gift List!

We wanted to show you a quick guide to get you started and to show you how easy it is to do.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you and will still be free.

First of all, creating the gift list is FREE! and we don’t hear that word often when planning a wedding! Create yours here –

There are millions of products to choose from, Prime members get free delivery and you will have the details of who bought each gift so you don’t miss anyone out on your thank you list.

Page 1 – The first page you will see is this one. All you do is click Create your wedding list ( circled )

Page 2 – Page 2 will ask you for a few details such as name, address and when the event will be. You can decide who can see your list, you, guests with a link or everyone.

Page 3 – You will now have your own page with your names, how many days to go till your wedding and an option to change your profile and cover picture.

Page 4 – Now the fun part! You can start to create your wedding gift list!

Search under categories, your favourite brand or popular gifts and add them to your list.

Page 5 – Amazon also include an option to buy a gift card in a gift box, perfect if you looking to put some gift cards together to buy a bigger item.

That’s it! You’ve created your Amazon wedding list and it’s that easy!

Check under your thank you list to get the details of who bought each gift, this way you’ll know that none of your guests will be missed out.


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