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Edifier TWS NBQ Earbuds

Have you decided to step up the exercise in preparation for the big day? If so, you may like a product that I’ve recently tested!

Getting engaged usually gives brides and grooms the push to get fit and healthy for the big day.

One item you don’t want to forget is a pair of wireless headphones to keep you motivated with music through your training!

You’ll also love the affordable price compared to some of the other expensive brands out there!


So everyone seems to be changing over to wireless earphones lately, I however was hanging on to a pair of old headphones that had started to fall apart and knew that I needed to buy more.

I recently bought a new phone and didn’t realise until it got here that there was nowhere to connect any headphones like my old phone?

Perfect timing to be asked to test these Edifier earbuds!

To start, the packaging is lovely! Would be great as a gift as it looks really good quality, amazing as a gift for yourself as it feels like a lovely treat to open.

Once you open everything, you’ll see the cute little charging case that powers on as soon as you open it. You’ll also see other accessories, a storage bag, charging cable and some extra ear tips.

So easy to connect with these Bluetooth wireless earbuds, one button to press on the case and you’re ready to go!

If you exercise and need earbuds that are comfortable and secure, you’re super busy and struggle to take phone calls, or just like your music, then these are ideal.

Just by tapping the earbuds, you can take a call, control music or block out external sound when needed.

I actually couldn’t find any faults with these earbuds because they were so easy to set up, really comfortable to wear and the sound was so clear, even when accepting a phone call through them.

The only problem I do have, my 12 year old keeps asking 50 times a day if she can borrow them!

I would definitely say to give these a try if you have children asking for new wireless headphones, the quality is brilliant and you’re going to save a fortune compared to some other brands.

Take a look here – https://mall.edifier.com/tws-nb-q-true-wireless-bluetooth-stereo-earbuds.html

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