20 Things They Don’t Tell You About Planning A Wedding

Everyone loves to plan a wedding! It’s so exciting to be trying on dresses, eating cake, choosing your favourite music, BUT there are parts of your planning that family and friends forget to tell you about!

We’ve put together our fun but honest list of things that people don’t tell you when you’re planning a wedding.

20 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Plan A Wedding

1. Everyone will think they should have had an invite! They haven’t seen you for 15 years but thought they would be invited anyway.

2. No one sticks to a budget EVER! The budget you start off with, double it! ( or not far off )

3. Someone at some point will have a strop over something you planned eg venue, colours, dresses, number of guests, food, drink ….

4. Everyone will want to tell you how they planned their wedding day.

5. The colour theme you choose for your wedding, you’ll know every shade of it!

6. Everything is so expensive! Say the word wedding and the price doubles.

7. People don’t RSVP!

8. You’ll spend more time than you can imagine looking and trying on dresses. Then you’ll come home with a dress completely different to what you spent the last 6 months looking for!

9. Your guests will all be secretly worried if there is any white at all on their outfit. Other guests could mistake them for the bride?

10. There will be a ton of stress about the table plan and where to sit the guests that don’t like each other.

11. There will be at least one occasion where you announce that you’re running away to get married!

12. There will be another occasion where you scream at your partner for not having enough interest in planning a wedding.

13. You will have your whole wedding planned out on Pinterest with every little detail.


14. Amazon will be your best friend and so will the delivery driver!

Amazon Wedding Gift List

15. You’ll get opinions from everyone you’ve ever known!

16. You’ll need to set out a plan for using the toilet in a wedding dress! and a bridesmaid to help you shuffle into the toilet cubicle backwards.

17. It will take months to find a cute little poem asking your guests for money without being rude, but your guests would rather give you the money as it’s easier than finding a gift that you don’t need!

18. It isn’t the law to make a speech or to have a first dance.

19. The guest that you think will get amazingly drunk, probably will! Let someone else sort them out. At least you have your first person to get up on the dancefloor?

20. Once the big day is over, you’ll find any excuse to plan another event.

Remember, once the planning is over, you can sit back and relax and know that it was all worth it! There are so many amazing parts to planning a wedding if you do it your own way!

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