Wedding Day Roles

Wedding Day Roles

One decision you will make when you plan your wedding day, is who will have what job in your bridal party?

You don’t need all of the roles that we talk about here, these are just the traditional roles that couples often have to help with the running of the day.

There will be other roles that may play a part in your day such as Father and Mother of the Bride. The Father of the bride may walk his daughter down the aisle and if following tradition, he might be paying for some of the wedding.

There will also be the Father and the Mother of the Groom, who will be there as support to the couple and to welcome guests on the big day.

Chief Bridesmaid / Maid Of Honour –

The maid of honour is usually a family member or a close friend and is there to help the bride with everything she might need for her wedding. Dress shopping, organising the bridesmaids, hen party planning and advice throughout the planning stages. In the ceremony, the Maid Of Honour will hold the bride’s bouquet and may witness the signing of the register.

Bridesmaids –

Your bridesmaids will support the Maid of Honour with planning the hen party, support the bride with advice and be there for the bride on her wedding day.

The Best Man –

The best man is there to support the Groom before and during the wedding day. He will plan the stag party, go shopping for suits and may make a special speech on the wedding day.

Often the best man will have the job of paying any suppliers on the day and may also be a witness to the signing of the register.

Usually, the Best Man is someone who has a special relationship with the groom, like a brother or friend.

Ushers –

Ushers will usually support the best man on the day and with planning the stag party.

They will be there as a support to the groom on his wedding day, helping to greet the guests and showing them where they will be seated, handing out the order of service.

Flower Girl / Page Boy –

The flower girl will usually be a young child that will walk into the ceremony with the bridesmaids. The Page Boy may walk with the Flower Girl and will sometimes carry the wedding rings.

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