30 Things To Do Wedding Checklist!

Congratulations on your engagement! So maybe you or your partner have asked that big question!!! and everyone is so excited and asking all the details?

In the back of your mind, I’m sure you’re thinking Where do I start? there is so much to do!
Here we’ve put together a wedding checklist to help you and your partner get everything done in time!
Everyone wants something different for their wedding so don’t panic if there are items on here that you don’t want, just skip past them to the next one.

Happy planning!

1. Announcement – let everyone know the great news! maybe plan an engagement party?

2. Budget – before you go booking everything you can think of to do with weddings, sit down together and plan a budget with what you can really afford.

3. Date – Sit together and come up with a date that you agree on and see if you can be flexible with that date if needed?

4. Paying – If you have help paying for your wedding, work out who is paying for what.

5. Venue – Work out a list of venues that you both love! Church, hotel or golf club? near home or away somewhere hot?

6. Bridal Party – Depending on your budget how many bridesmaids etc would you like to have and who will you pick to help on your special day?

7. Colours – What colours do you want for your wedding? Will you have a certain style or theme?

8. Wedding Insurance – Decide if you want insurance for your wedding?

9. Photographer / Videographer – These are some of the things that book up really quick! If you find someone you love, book it!

10. Dress / Suits – Start to look at ideas for outfits and the different styles that you like, and book in to try dresses on, some bridal shops like you to book an appointment.

11. Florist – Decide what flowers, colours etc you want and where you would like them. Do you just want bouquets and button holes or do you want to decorate the venue as well? maybe use your florist for your centrepieces.

12. DJ / Band – Sometimes your venue will have a DJ that they use regularly and will recommend them to you, if not shop around and ask friends who they have used before.

13. Catering – Is food included with your venue or will you need an outside caterer? Are you having a sit down meal or a buffet?

14. Cars – How many? What style? How many trips?

15. Rings – Try loads on to see what matches your engagement ring!
16. Venue Dressing – Some venues will do this for you, if not do you want chair covers, table decorations or maybe a dance floor?
17. Hair and Make up – Find someone who can give you a hair and make up trail to give you an idea of what you want for yourself and your bridal party. Will they come to you on the day?
18. Shoes, Accessories and underwear – If you’ve picked your dress then now is the time to find your accessories and matching underwear!
19. Bridal party outfits – Take your bridesmaids, best man and ushers to find their wedding outfits.
20. Cake – Look for ideas for styles, sizes and find somewhere that you can go to and taste a sample.
21. Guest List – List everyone that you would like to attend your wedding.

Decide if your sending save the dates.
22. Music – Pick what music you want in the ceremony. Traditional or modern?
23. Invites – Pick your invites and send them out around 6 weeks before although lots send them out sooner if the wedding is on a school day or in the holiday season.
24. Centre Pieces and Favours – If you’re not using your florist for your table decorations, will your venue provide them? will you make them yourself? Are you giving out favours?
25. Honeymoon / Wedding Night – Will you be going on a honeymoon after your big day? Maybe you’re waiting a while? Where will you be spending your wedding night if there isn’t a room at your venue?
26. Table Plan – Once you have a reply from all of your guests you can decide where they will all sit!
27. Gifts – What gifts will you give to your parents and bridal party? or to anyone who has been a big help with planning your wedding.
28. Help – See if someone can help at the end of the day if you’re not going to be the last one standing at the party!
29. Timetable – Make a list of times of how the morning will run and be sure your wedding party have a copy so they all know where they should be.
30. Relax and Enjoy!!!

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