10 Things We Forget On Our Wedding Day

You spend so long planning your wedding day and all those little details!

We found 10 things that brides quite often forget to do, to get ready for their big day and we wanted to share them with you.

1. Clean Your Engagement Ring

We think about our new wedding ring for the big day, we often forget that we’ve usually had the engagement ring for a while! As you’ll be showing everyone your new wedding ring, you don’t want your engagement ring to look dull next to it.

2. Next-Day Outfit

If you have planned to stay over somewhere on your wedding night, don’t forget to plan a nice outfit for the next day. If you don’t you may just get the chance to wear your dress again?

3. Breakfast

Don’t forget to plan something to eat for the morning while you get ready. Your getting ready for a long day ahead and will need something to keep you going till later on in the day.

4. Shoe Change

Find a lovely pair of comfy shoes that you can change into later in the day. It’s a long day to be wearing heels the whole time.

5. Buffet Food

Be sure to take the time to eat something from the buffet in the evening! It’s easy for the day to pass without you thinking to get something for yourselves.

6. Accessories For Hairdresser

If you’re leaving your home or hotel to get your hair done in the morning, don’t forget to take any hair accessories or veil that they may need. Yes, I did this and had to drive back home for it all!

7. Engagement Ring

You will need to remove your engagement ring before the ceremony to wear your wedding ring. Maybe put this on your other hand for the ceremony or ask a friend or family member to take care of it for you.

8. Make-up

If you have a little bag with you, be sure to add some bits of makeup for throughout the day. Ask your make up artist what they have used so you can buy the same. If you don’t use a bag, ask a bridesmaid or family member.

9. Umbrella

Don’t forget your umbrella so you can still get some outdoor photos if there’s bad weather. Looks quite cute to include in your pictures.

10. Time

So many couples wish they had found the time to sit together for a while, watch everyone and chat about the day. Make a time in the day to spend 10 minutes together on your own.

Finally remember to relax and enjoy your day!

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