Getting Married In 2020? Coronavirus

All couples planning a wedding this year have been waiting on the next government announcement to say if weddings can go ahead!

Due to Coronavirus, many weddings have been postponed to next year to allow guest numbers to stay the same. For many this means that the venue might have changed, the day of the week may have changed or they might have had problems changing suppliers.

Although lots of brides and grooms have postponed their big day to another time, many have carried on planning through lockdown in hope that they can still have the day that they planned!

The latest rules now say that you can have the day that you want, but it may be different to the one you started to plan for.

Here are some points to think about since the government announced changes –

  1. Weddings of up to 30 people with a sit down meal can now go ahead. If your original plan was to have a large wedding, then numbers will need to reduce to have the day that you want this year. There will still need to be enough space to social distance at your venue.
  2. No food or drink for the ceremony unless it’s essential.
  3. If your wedding date is changing to next year, check this date is available not only with your venue but with your suppliers.
  4. If you want to keep your original date but also want a large reception, think about having the ceremony now and the evening reception at a later date.
  5. There will need to be social distancing of at least 1 metre between different households.
  6. If your wedding was cancelled because they were banned in lockdown, you should be able to have a full refund from your wedding if they can’t provide the service. Most are letting their brides and grooms change to another day.
  7. Venues and suppliers may be able to keep some or all of your deposit if you cancel. They should give you a breakdown for this cost.
  8. Hair and beauty can go ahead for your wedding day if your supplier is wearing a mask and visor.
  9. Giving notice is a legal requirement for a civil marriage and will expire after 12 months. Check with your local registry office to see what changes you need to make. If your wedding is in a church, banns are usually read on the three Sundays before your wedding day. You may need to check the details of this if your wedding day isn’t far away.
  10. If you have wedding insurance, check all paperwork and see what you are covered for.

Please check all details with your venue and suppliers as wedding information is changing so much at the moment depending on what area of the UK you’re in.

This post is just a guide to give you points that you may not have thought about.

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