Wedding Breakfast Checklist

So you have the perfect venue and have arranged a beautiful wedding ceremony?

The next thing to plan is the wedding breakfast. This is the wedding meal that you will share with your guests and the bridal party after the wedding ceremony.

Usually, this will be a three-course sit-down meal if you’re following a traditional menu.

Here you will need to think about choosing a meal for everyone to have together, picking a theme or colour to decorate your tables and room and arranging a table plan so everyone knows where to sit.

After the meal, you might have your speeches but lots of couples have them before the meal to get them out of the way. This can be a great time to give out any gifts to the wedding party and parents.

Not everyone will want a traditional wedding breakfast on their wedding day. Many couples now decide to skip the meal and have a later ceremony with food in the evening. Others go for a hog roast or a buffet.

Here we’ve added our breakfast checklist to give you ideas of what you might want to arrange for the day. It’s fine to skip anything you don’t want or to add items to the list.

The PDF is at the bottom of the post for you to print out at home!

Print your own here –

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