10 Ways To Entertain Children At Your Wedding

So you’ve made the decision to have children at your wedding and you’ve just realised they need entertainment!!!

There are so many ideas out there of little things you can add to your wedding day to keep the children happy without breaking the bank or turning it into a kid’s party.

For my wedding day, we had chocolate fountains as they were really popular at the time and I made my own goodie bags to go on the tables for the meals and speeches.

Sweets will usually do the job! but if your looking for something a bit different then take a look at our 10 ways to entertain children at weddings.

1. Bouncy Castle – I’ve spotted loads of these wedding bouncy castles around recently! Kids will love it ( and probably most adults ) and you can hire them in white to match the wedding colours!

2. Sweet Cart – Kids love the idea of going up to the cart and picking out their own sweets to put in a little bag. Again the adults will also love this! Add popcorn or cookies to give a bigger choice.

3. Lego – Tubs or jars of lego on the tables or just on the kids table if your having it separate. Lego will keep kids busy for ages! Just warn the parents with really small children.

4. Anyone seen the kids tipi that can be hired? Love them! Put some cushions in there and some little games to play and they can make it a little den.

5. Books – Things I can see books are fab! They list all different items they might find through the day and they check them off as they spot them.

6. Outdoor Games – OK so this will depend on weather but mini golf, hula hoops and lawn games are fab in the summer.

7. Children’s Activity books – Either make your own or you can buy them quite cheap online. Books with games, colouring in etc. Join our members section of the website and you’ll find one there to print!

8. Ice Cream Cart – Again, lovely at a summer wedding! Kids and adults both love these and it will give you some amazing photos.

9. Card Making Table – Set up a little table were the children can make their own cards for the bride and groom or their own parents.

10. Balloons and bubbles – You can’t fail with balloons!!! kids will play with them all day! probably better for in the evening though? Also bubbles are perfect and will make lovely pictures if you replace confetti throwing with bubbles.

There are loads of ideas out there to try! Let us know what you had at your wedding or what you will be trying on your day to keep the little ones entertained!

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