Top 10 Wedding Worries

Everyone who is planning a wedding or any special occasion will find certain parts of organising the day stressful!
I’ve heard lots of brides and grooms talking about the things they worry about and the parts of the day they are finding difficult to plan.

I’ve recently asked brides and grooms what their biggest wedding worries are and found out that everyone is stressing about the same things!!!

Here are our top 10!

1. Money! – Yes I think we all knew this would be at the top of the list! What is our budget? who pays for what? how to save and should we DIY?

2. Weather – Will it rain? Will it be too hot? Can we have our wedding day outside?

3. Problem Guest – Spoken about before on here is the problem guest! Should we invite them? Will they cause drama or trouble and make the whole day be about them?

4. Dress – So many people buy a dress then panic about still loving it nearer to the big day! Another worry is spilling drinks etc down the front of it.

5. No Shows – Will guests not turn up? or if they do will they be late! For my wedding I worried about guests not coming to the evening and I think that’s because you don’t get definite numbers back like you do for the day.

6. Guest List – Yes! Who doesn’t love the amazing task of writing the guest list??? Who to invite? Numbers?

7. Table Plan – This is everyone’s favourite task! Where to sit everyone? Where to sit the problem guest?

8. Children – Another issue we’ve spoken about on here that causes quite a bit of stress, Inviting children to your wedding or not? If it’s adults only then how do you tell everyone!!!

9. Gifts – Do we ask for gifts? Do we ask for money with a funny little poem? Do we ask guests to pay for the wedding day???

10. Wedding Party – Who to ask to be best man, bridesmaid, usher or to give the bride away? How the hell do we pick the people that we want without causing a nightmare with everyone else?

I know there are a ton of other worries when planning a wedding but I’m hoping this might help you see that lots of couples have the same problems and your not on your own!

Do you have any other problems that are stressing you out with your planning?
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