Engagement, What Next?

Congratulations! You’ve got engaged!!!

It’s such an exciting and happy time for any couple that gets engaged, but you might be thinking what next?

Use this time to save money and plan a day you will love.

We wanted to put together a few ideas for you to help you start your planning!

1. Share with your family! You might want to hang on for a few days at first to relax and enjoy your news. When your ready let your close family know.

2. Engagement Announcement! Think how you would like to tell the world your news! Phone call, email or cards? Tell close family and friends first then everyone else.

3. Engagement Party! Not everyone has a party but lots of couples plan a large party to invite everyone they know. Others go for a close family meal. Do what you want and feel comfortable with.

4. Photo Shoot! Lots of couples go for an engagement photo shoot as a memory of this special time. This can be a good way of trying a photographer that you might use on your wedding day.

5. Start to think about dates! You might want to discuss what season you would like your wedding to be in to help with this. Can you be flexible with dates?

6. Budget! Are you going to wait for a while to see what kind of money you can save? You might already know if you have help from anyone in your family.

7. Venues! Have a think about what venues you like in your area choice. Having your budget in mind will help with this. Is it a church wedding that you want with a party later on? Lots of couples decide on a venue to stay at for the whole day.

8. Ideas! Start to get ideas and inspiration from websites and magazines. Pinterest is amazing to help with event planning! Get yourself a folder and a planner and add all your ideas and favourite items that you find. As you plan, you will find there are certain styles and colours that you sway towards.

9. Wedding Insurance! Shop around and find yourself insurance for your wedding. It seems like another item to spend out on, but it’s worth it if anything should be cancelled for your wedding.

10. Plan! Think if youll be planning the day yourself or will you hire a wedding planner to help? Use our 30 Things To Do Checklist to help you!

Remember, everyone will have advice for you when you plan your big day! Plan the day that you want, and enjoy!

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