Wedding Guest

So I’ve worked with weddings for a while now, I also have another wedding business and love to follow lots of other groups, pages and ideas that brides and grooms have when planning their special day.

From following these groups and listening to people planning their big day I can see one thing!

Everyone wants the best day ever! and everyone wants their wedding to be one that family and friends enjoy and remember in years to come! Yes?

So this is how it goes –

The happy couple have something in mind about how they want their wedding day to be, what colours they want and who they want to be there on the day!
They then go out to 500 wedding fairs, try 50 cakes, change their mind about colours around 15 times and look at every venue within 30 miles of where they live!

A photographer is picked and flowers are chosen and then one million scatter crystals are bought for the tables!
The chief bridesmaid has taken the time to shame you on your hen party and you’ve found a way to get a loan because of the amount of wedding favours you need!

Sound familiar?

After all this hard work, the stress, tears and massive amount of effort, one thing happens!
The Problem Guest!!!!
It’s almost as if there are jobs out there to become a problem guest!

To cause as many problems as possible?

This is the guest that –

Won’t sit at table 4 unless her friends husbands sister is there?
Won’t be there if they can’t be the photographer?
Is a bridesmaid but won’t wear pink as it’s not her colour?
Wants to bring another 5 guests with them who you’ve never met?
Wants to wear a wedding dress?
Would like to bring 2 pet dogs with them as they can’t get a sitter?

As the wedding gets closer you find that –

Someone will wait until your seating plan is complete before they say their not coming!
A bridesmaid will only be coming as a guest now you’ve bought the dress!
The best man will be banned as he made a show of the groom on the stag do!
There won’t be enough seats at the top table for everyone!
It’s impossible to separate everyone in the family that hate each other!

I’m not joking when I say I read about these kind of problems over and over every single day!
This has always happened to brides and grooms planning a wedding and probably always will!
There will always be that one person who thinks that their helping or likes to give their advice, even though their not a wedding planner.

Try to be calm with planning, yes things can go wrong but don’t let people think that it’s their day.

Remember that these are some of the things that you’ll remember in years to come and maybe even laugh about!

If that doesn’t work, go shopping!!!

Happy Calm Planning!

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