10 Money Saving Ideas

Every couple planning their wedding day has a different budget to spend to make it as perfect as possible.

Even if you have lots of cash to spend, there will be parts of the day that you would like to save on to be able to spend more on the honeymoon or other treats!

Here are my top 10 ideas to save some of your money!

  1. Budget – Before booking anything for your wedding, work out a realistic budget that you can afford without getting into any debt. Think about how much you can really afford to put away each month into savings.
  2. Venue – Spend time looking around different types of venues, you might be surprised at how a cheaper venue will look once it’s decorated in your colours and dressed with chair covers etc. Ask if you can see the venue set up before a wedding to give you an idea.
  3. Payments – Pay for all the important things first! Book the church, room hire etc and see what’s left after that for special treats that are not essential for your day.
  4. Seasons – Not all weddings need to be in the summer. Think about having your wedding out of the summer season. Autumn and winter wedding colours are beautiful! If you have your heart set on a summer wedding, consider a weekday as many venues will give a large discount for this to fill up their diary!
  5. Deals – Don’t be afraid to ask venues for any discounts, extras or deals that they may have! Many venues will expect couples to ask and they can only say no! If you manage to do this make sure that it’s in writing and that you have a copy.
  6. Dress – Many brides like to order their dresses from places such as eBay and this is a great way to grab a bargain! If you do this be sure to do your research and check reviews for that seller and also check the postage cost as this is something that is often forgotten about. Don’t forget that you can also get a bargain in the UK by visiting the bridal shop sales and taking a look at second hand dresses.
  7. High street – Shop around the high street, especially in the sales. High street shops can have a lovely section for bridal, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses and have special offers on through the year. Check online at http://www.asda.com as some supermarkets also stock lovely little dresses that are perfect for a wedding.
  8. Guests – Be realistic about the number of guests you want at your wedding and how much you want to spend! Invite close family and friends to the day and then everyone to the evening reception.
  9. Craft – Once you know your colours and theme have a go at making your own favours and table centrepieces. Ask friends for help, you never know you might find it fun!
  10. Gifts – Don’t be afraid to ask your guests for money towards your honeymoon! Add a special little poem to the invites to explain. Most guests will be happy to do this rather than get you a gift that you already have.

Hope this helps with your planning! Let us know if you have any more money saving ideas!

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