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Should We Wear A Short Wedding Dress?

So lately I’ve noticed short wedding dresses are becoming more popular than ever! Not every bride wants a full length gown for her special day and lots of you out there are looking for something a bit different to the traditional wedding dress.

Lots of brides enjoy wearing a long wedding dress as it’s different to what they would usually wear when they go out or have somewhere special to go but many of you feel more comfortable in a dress length that your used to or it might be that you don’t ever wear dresses at all!

Where Can I Find Short Wedding Dresses?

I’ve had a look around at some of the ones available at the moment and wanted to share some of my favourites with you!

I’ve started with a couple from Justin Alexander that are so pretty and still look like a wedding dress!

Take a look at to find your perfect dress.

This pretty little dress is a lace tea length gown with a 1950’s look to it, beautiful!

Another one from Justin Alexander! A floral and tulle tea length dress that’s gorgeous! This one still has the fullness of a wedding dress for those that want a fuller design.

Ronald Joyce in the Victoria Jane Collection has this beautiful tea length dress that’s still long at the back so gives you the best of both! The lace design at the top is gorgeous!

Take a look at the website for more dresses at

Next up is Mori Lee with this cute dress! Not over the top if you’re wanting a more simple design but still has a beautiful lace design at the top.

There are so many to choose from out there and it’s definitely worth trying one on to see how you feel in it! You may be surprised and if not, at least it’s fun trying them on!

We’d love to see others that you may have found or pictures of your wedding day! If you’re finding it difficult to pick a dress that you like, take a look at some of the high street shops that may have a design that you want.

Maybe you’d like to try a backless wedding dress? Take a look here!

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