Planning A Wedding With Children?

I have three children and know how difficult it can be to arrange a trip to the shops sometimes!
The subject of children at these types of occasions is always spoken about on social media and there are so many opinions about them that I thought a post like this is needed!

Let’s talk about the type of venues we choose when we have kids and what activities we find work well for us!

Ok, so I’m going to ask that question!
I might wish that I hadn’t but I’ll ask anyway. Are you inviting kids to your wedding day?
Hearing so many brides and grooms talking about their wedding day, I often see the subject of children at weddings brought up.
I also noticed that every time it is brought up a massive heated debate is usually started between families and also with people on social media about what is the correct thing to do?

Is there a polite way of saying children are not invited? Can this be done without offending someone somewhere?
Do children bring fun to a special occasion and help to keep the day feeling a bit more relaxed?

Weddings can sometimes cost so much, that it’s just not possible to invite children if you have a large family as some venues still charge quite a lot for kids’ meals.
Thinking about this when starting to look at venues would help so much later on in your planning.

Looking back at my own wedding day, we decided from the start to have children from the wedding party on our day as we had our son there anyway.
We didn’t invite any others to the evening as space was limited on the day so we couldn’t invite everyone and their children due to numbers.
We sent out our invites with just the adult names on and if anyone said that they had a problem with childcare then we let them come along.
Looking back I think that worked really well for us at the time BUT I also understand that if I received an invite for a wedding now, I would probably stress about the childcare for three children with one being a young baby!

I see so many brides and grooms talking about how children at a wedding would ruin their day with noise, mess and running around etc

I then see the other side of the argument saying children are the ones who make a wedding a special day, fun and how awful it would be without them.
Either way, each side of the argument gets so offended at the other?

A few things to think about –

This is one of those wedding issues that needs to be sorted and spoken about as early as possible in your planning.
Doing this will give families time to sort out childcare if needed and gives them the chance to think about arranging this.
Don’t worry, lots of couples like to have a night out without their children sometimes!

Make your decision and stick with it! There will always be family and guests that will tell you that kids should or shouldn’t be there. This is for you to decide.
Remember that there will always be guests that can’t be there on your day if they can’t bring children and struggle with childcare so don’t be offended by this.

Maybe send your save the dates extra early and add on that either children are welcome or sorry this occasion is for adults only.

If you are having children at your wedding, will you be providing any entertainment or activities for them?
Also think about your table plan, will you sit all children at one table with someone to look after them or will they all be with parents?

Maybe provide a space that can be used later on in the day for those with younger children when they get tired, need feeding or need a bit of time out.

There are so many reasons for and against an adult only wedding that there’s only you that can decide!
I say make your decision and go with it until Auntie Jane says she wants her five children there!!!

We’d love to hear if your inviting children to your wedding day or not!

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